Everything that you
should know about me

"A man without tattoos is invisible to the gods"
-Iban proverb-

Nordic art is the latest and greatest expression of a time now lost, in which invisible worlds and dimensions beyond the physical body existed as integral and immutable parts of nature and which, as such, possessed an intrinsic rightness, an ancestral beauty.

A profound harmony with nature gave fluidity to the boundaries between our world and others, while magic permeated every aspect of the human condition.

When I discovered Nordic art it was like finding something I had always been looking for and, today, I do my best to honor what these ancient craftsmen wanted to leave us, aspiring, with my art, to enter their eyes and steal the their vision of the world.


Get to know my story...

I was born in 1990 in Italy, in Venice, I started drawing as a child and I have always been enormously fascinated by the fantasy world and the study of history.
After graduating in art, I started studying mythology, then I discovered the world of tattooing which, in a short time, became an obsession.
I learned the basics of tattooing as a self-taught, trying my first tattoos on myself, asking for advice, getting tattooed and going to studios and conventions, constantly encouraging me to improve and question myself.
I have worked in several studios and conventions always observing situations and people who could make me grow.
In 2020 I started a collaboration with Adrenalink, a tattoo shop founded in Marghera (Venice) when I was still a child and which has become, over the years, a reference point for those who love quality tattoos.